Showing in Conformation is showing your German Shepherd Dog (GSD) to a Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) or American Kennel Club (AKC) licenced Judge against other GSD's in age grouped classes. The judge compares all GSD's in the classes to a Written Standard. They are judged on temperament, standing (or stacked) and how they move. The winners of the classes all compete at the end to win points to add to their Championship or other Titles. This venue is excellent for breeders to show the quality they are producing.
You may visit the German Shepherd Dog Club of Canda for information on Canadian Specialty (all german shepherd) conformation events. The Canadian Kennel Club and other internet sites will provide lists  of All Breed (all CKC registerable breeds) Shows



Showing in Obedience is fun and can be hard work, but it is worth every second. To have such a well mannered and obedient large dog is exhilarating. There are many All Breed Training Facilities which lead to Shows to show off your special dog. You are not really competing against others in these classes, as your win is based on your score in how you and your dog behave in each level of class. Your qualifying score is what allows you to move on to High in Trial. The fun is that you are marked on your mistakes also, so you have to know how to work yourself, which makes it even more challenging. 


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