Countdown to Gableridge Barn Hunt October Barn Hunt Trials!

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What is Barn Hunt?

Barn Hunt is a fast growing sport for all dogs of any breed or mix that can fit through an 18" wide bale-height tall tunnel .  Dogs search (or hunt) for one or more rats (safely housed in aerated tubes) on a course made of straw or hay bales. The dog has to find the correct number of rats within a set time limit.  There are levels of difficulty from Instinct on up through Master with increasing challenges.  Titles may be earned for each successful level completed. The Canadian Kennel Club now recognizes titles earned at BHA Barn Hunt trials. 

We are pleased to announce that we will be providing an opportunity for folks to get involved in Barn Hunt.  We will be hosting events, providing practice sessions, and classes in the near future.  All activities will be conducted in accordance with the rules of the Barn Hunt Association.  Our objective is to enabling people to have fun with the sport of Barn Hunt and if they wish to do so, compete and obtain titles for Barn Hunt in Canada in accordance with the rules of the Canadian Kennel Club.

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Ratting (now called Barn Hunt) is an ancient sport,  traditional for terrier type breeds. But finding the rat requires drive, hunting ability and a good nose.  Many other breeds also excel in Barn Hunt.

Please join our Barn Hunt community by becoming a member of the Gableridge Barn Hunt facebook  group, or just continue to visit this page in order to stay up to date on events and activities that we are planning.

Introduction to Barn Hunt Classes/workshops 

(Beginner and advanced workshops and classes will be scheduled soon for the spring of 2020) 

We are offering a Four hour introduction to Barn Hunt.  During this introduction workshop, you will learn a little bit about the rules of BHA barn hunt, your dog will be introduced to the rats, will get to play a discrimination game, you will be able to try a BHA instinct test  with your dog and your dog will begin to learn to hunt.

Fill our the form below to be added to the waiting list for an introductory class or workshop.

For currently scheduled events go to the following link to sign up:  BARN HUNT WORKSHOP 2021  or email

Waiting List for Introductory Barn Hunt

Thanks for your Interest!

Rat N Go's  (Practice)

The Rat N Go is an excellent opportunity to come practice in our barn! We will have a practice course set up in the trial ring area, so it will be very similar to a trial! We will run blinds based on level, at the current time only Instinct, Novice and Open levels are offered.  


This Rat N Go will start at a set time and level ( from Novice to Senior, Master and Crazy 8's on occaision) these sessions run for about an hour.  RSVP's for the Rat N Go are required.   Please sign up using the  link below.  You will get 3 runs at the level you need and may practice whatever you want to work on.  A timer will be in the ring  with you as well as a rat wrangler.  No more than 3 dogs per session can sign up for A Rat N Go.

You must have previous experience and/or your dog must have been introduced to rats (in a workshop)  in order to participate in the Rat N Go.  These sessions are very supportive, everyone helps and provides advice and guidance when needed. 

Click here to go to the Practice schedule for 2021


Sanctioned Trials

As a Recognized BHA Barn Hunt Club, we are able to host sanctioned  Barn Hunt Trials.  This allows those interested in the sport to pursue titles, win ribbons and join the large community of enthusiasts who love the sport. For Information on upcoming trials or events vist the EVENTS PAGE or scroll down this page

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Competitors entering Barn Hunt Trials must abide by the complete COVID-19 rules put in place by the Barn Hunt Association LLC and sign the COVID-19 Waiver in the entry form for the event.  These rules are subject to change.  Please visit the BHA site for  more informaton: 

Please be advised that ALL dogs participating in events must, in accordance with Ontario Law  be current for Rabies vaccinations, antibody titers for Rabies are NOT considered to be legally equivalent to vaccination. CVMA

Sanctioned Matches and Trials Current

Gableridge Barn Hunt Club Event season has now ended.  Thank you to all our competitors, volunteers and organizers for a fabulous 2021 Barn Hunt season.  In spite of some difficulties, we  have managed to successfully pull off three trials this year, we are very exited about that and thankful to our participants for making this happen.  We are planning some new and interesting things for next year and will of course continue to schedule Barn Hunt Events!  Look for our 2022 schedule coming out soon.

4 Licenced BHA Barn Hunt Trials 
Judge:  to be announced!

Details coming soon!

  • Competitors DO earn qualifying scores towards any Barn Hunt Title when participating in a GBH Trial.

  • Titles ARE recognized by the CKC.

  •  Classes offered include: Instinct , Novice, Open, Senior, Master  and Crazy 8’s

  •  Open to all Breeds/mixed breeds over 6 months of Age.  You DO NEED a Barn Hunt registration number to compete in  an official Barn Hunt Trial.. GO TO to get your dogs number.


Trial will be held outdoors under cover, we are located 30 min. from west Ottawa and 5km outside  of  the town of  Arnprior, Ontario. Lots of room for outdoor crating, pop up shelters and camping/RV’s (dry camping only no hook ups).  Dog walk trails in and around our 40 acre hay field. 


Coming soon

GBH is proud to be able to support the  Colchester Community Workshops, Ribbons Program.