Classes and Events Listing

There is always something going on at Gableridge German Shepherds and Dog sports.  For more detail on upcoming classes, Barn Hunt activities, Temperament Tests and more please visit our Dog Sports and Events Page by following the link below or clicking on the menu item above.  You may also just use the contact email below for general inquiries.

Please be advised that ALL dogs participating in events must, in accordance with Ontario Law  be current for Rabies vaccinations, antibody titers for Rabies are NOT considered to be legally equivalent to vaccination. CVMA

June 27 start

Barn Hunt Private lessons and Practice/Rat N Go's schedules have been posted sign up using the link provided. 

Oct 10, 2020

Introduction to Barn Hunt Level II (**pre-requisite is intro to barn hunt I**)  Registration is now Open.   $120 working,  no audit   Saturday 10 am to 1 pm

Oct 4, 2020

Introduction to Barn Hunt I workshop Registration is now Open.   $120 working,  no audit   Sunday 9 am to noon 

Oct 3, 2020

Introduction to Barn Hunt workshop (FULL) Registration is now closed.   $120 working,  no audit   Saturday 9 am to noon 

Nov. 7,8


O  Baby  its Cold Out There!  -Barn Hunt Event 4 Offical BHA Barn Hunt Trials over two days.   Crazy 8's each day.  All levels will be offered. Entries Limited - Opens Sept 28.  Late entries accepted (late entry fees apply)  *** PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THIS EVENT IS NOT OPEN THE GENERAL PUBLIC DUE TO BHA COVID RULES**

Date TBD

Barn Hunt Advanced Skills II- workshop with Holly Nagel. Registration is now open. (Working spots, DOGS WITH RATO title working at Senior level, Audit any level may participate)  Register using the Entry Form on the Events Page.  $200 working,  $100 audit (no dog)  Saturday 10am to 3 pm, Lunch Included!

2021 Date TBD

ATTS Temperament Test - All Breed Please go to EVENTS page and confirm your interest. Date will most likely be in June.