2021 Calendar for Barn Hunt Practice and Private lessons

Please use the calendar below to register for Scheduled  Barn Hunt Practice and for Scheduled  spots for 30 min. private lessons.

The registration form is designed to accommodate both private  lessons and practice session please complete only those areas that apply to you.


Private lessons:  ($35 per half hour )

  • Are First come first served.  

  • You may book ONE 30 min. session per DOG per day.  You may work more than one dog and book one session for each

  • The schedule will be  updated periodically please  keep an eye on it.

  • YOU MUST let me know what you wish to work on, what level you are at .. specifics please .. no generalities eg. motivation.  This helps me design a  lesson for you and makes better use of your time. If you do not comply we will spend the first 10 minutes discussing what you wish to do and setting up for it.

  • Payment in cash on the day of the lesson is preferred.

Practice sessions: ($24 for 3 runs @ I, N, O levels $32 for 3 runs @ S, M levels)

  • To maximize flexibility, Practice sessions are divided into 1. Instinct, Novice, Open and 2.  Senior, Master levels. 

  • 4 teams per practice and a Max of 3 runs per dog per day remains in place. (handlers may work with multiple dogs but in different blinds)

  • When you register you are automatically registered for three blinds/runs.  Practice will be divided into 4 blinds of three each, at least one person will be out of the blind to act as wrangler during the practice.

  • You may choose the level you are working at for each blind based on the type of practice indicated. FOR EXAMPLE: you may work a dog at Novice in blind one and two and a different dog at Open in blind 3

  • Start time is indicated, time for  completion of practice is approximate. 

  • Run orders will be determined once registration is full.

  • Registrations close 24 hours before the practice starts, in order to allow time to set courses and blind orders.

  • Participants must be ON TIME and will be asked to assist at ringside when not in the blind, and remain until the end of practice.

  • Payment in cash on the day of practice is preferred.

  • COST:  $24 for  3 runs/blinds for Instinct, Novice or Open.  $32 for 3 runs/blinds for Senior, Master.

Everyone must complete the online screening AND email me the results the DAY BEFORE OR DAY OF attendance.  https://covid-19.ontario.ca/screening/worker/

An additional waiver will also be sent for completion.

if you think you have symptoms please take the online self assessment: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/self-assessment/