2021 Classes


Classes   (2021 schedule ) 


3 hour workshop

May 22, 2021

May 23, 2021

This three hour session will provide dogs and their handlers,  an introduction to the sport of Barn Hunt, (Barn Hunt Association (BHA) Style).  It will include an introduction to the rat, a review of BHA barn hunt levels and rules, and there will be an opportunity to participate in some games and an instinct test.  Limit of 8 persons.

$130 per dog/handler


Date: TBD

Maximum of 5 dogs allowed at these 2 hour workshops. Please Register using the link below.

Here is an opportunity to work on improving Barn Hunt tunneling skills... we will set up tunnels of all kinds, from simple to complex, light to dark... One level or two level.  Come on out to work on your dogs ability to negotiate tunnels.  2 Sessions: Morning:  9am to 11am , Afternoon: 1pm to 3pm

$75 per dog/handler

Tricks-  Barn Hunt Style

Date: TBD

Details are coming!   this tricks class is designed to allow folks to gain a Novice trick dog title and at the same time learn skills that are important for Barn Hunt.  Props used will be those found in the sport of Barn Hunt with a few others thrown in!

$150 per dog/handler

Barn Hunt LEVEL II classes (4weeks, 1hour per week)

Date: TBD

These four one hour sessions are aimed at moving past the instinct ring and starting to learn how to hunt.  All instruction is based on Barn Hunt Association (BHA) rules and procedures. The course will include: teaching the hunt, refining indicators, ring procedure, multi level climbs, tunnel work, more on BHA barn hunt levels and rules, and there will be an opportunity to participate in Novice Level hunts.  Limit of 8 persons.   Register Online

$150 per dog/handler


EVERYONE coming ON SITE MUST complete the online screening AND email me the results the DAY BEFORE OR print and bring the DAY OF attendance.  


An additional waiver will also be available for completion.

If you think you have symptoms please take the online self assessment AND STAY HOME: 


Private lessons

PRIVATE SESSIONS - Starting May 1 

30 minute private lessons may be booked using the online booking calendar.  

You MUST let me know what you would like to work on in order for your session will be tailored to your needs.  (NO Private session will be longer than 30 minutes per dog/handler)

Practice/ Rat N Go


PRACTICE SESSIONS Starting May 7, individual sessions by appointment only, no group until after May 20.

The Rat N Go is an excellent opportunity to come practice in our barn! We will have a practice course set up in the trial ring area, so it will be very similar to a trial! We will run blinds based on level, at the current time only Instinct, Novice and Open levels are offered.  


This Rat N Go will start at a set time and level ( from Novice to Senior, Master and Crazy 8's on occaision) these sessions run for about an hour.  RSVP's for the Rat N Go are required.   Please sign up using the  link below.  You will get 3 runs at the level you need and may practice whatever you want to work on.  A timer will be in the ring  with you as well as a rat wrangler.  No more than 3 dogs per session can sign up for A Rat N Go.

You must have previous experience and/or your dog must have been introduced to rats (in a workshop)  in order to participate in the Rat N Go.  These sessions are very supportive, everyone helps and provides advice and guidance when needed

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