Dedicated to Building A Better 
German Shepherd Dog
And fostering the Human-Canine Bond


We have several males and females who make up our breeding program. All of our dogs are tested and certified before being used for breeding. We also like to participate in conformation and other events in order to ensure that they meet the breed standard for the breed in terms of structure and intelligence.



Here at Gableridge German Shepherds we take our job as breeders very seriously.  We take great care to ensure that the dogs in our breeding program are sound and that puppy owners are matched with the puppy that fits their needs and lifestyle.  




Gableridge German Shepherds is located on 100 acres of beautiful farmland close to our Nations Capital, Ottawa, Ontario.  We specialize in Barn Hunt, BHA Barn Hunt Trials, workshops,  Ratting training and practice for dogs,

Updated Nov 14, 2019



Gableridge German Shepherds hosts various events including Temperament Tests. We are happy to share our  facilities for tracking or scent work . We love to have dog people out for a wonderful time. Check here for events we are currently planning

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Please find below a few of the many testimonials we have received over the years  from our amazing puppy owners about their wonderful dogs . 


"..Even at 13+ years old, we were receiving compliments on his dashing good looks and gentle nature.  We were very proud and fortunate to have him with us for so long!


...I could not have asked for a more loyal friend and we will all miss him terribly...2016"  


There is always something going on at Gableridge German Shepherds and Dog sports.  For more detail on upcoming classes, Barn Hunt activities, Temperament Tests and more please visit our Dog Sports and Events Page by following the link below or clicking on the menu item above.  You may also just use the contact email below for general inquiries.

Gableridge German Shepherds and Dog Sports is proud to be the home of  "Gableridge Barn Hunt"

An official Barn Hunt Association (BHA) Barn Hunt Club

For More information on the sport of Barn Hunt visit our Barn Hunt Page 

For More Classes and Events please go to our Classes and Events Page.